Gymnastics Group Classes:

      The performance of systematic exercises are often done with the use of rings, bars and other apparatus, either as a competitive sport or to improve strength, agility, coordination, and physical well-being.

Apparatus : 

Birthday Parties

       If you're looking for a memorable birthday party experience for your child, our experienced gymnastics coaches serve as host to your party and lead organised gymnastics activities including an obstacle course, games, open gym time and fun on the airtrack(trampoline).

       We will work closely with you on every detail to ensure your birthday party is filled with fun. Let us throw your party with memories that will last a lifetime!

Personal Training

       A certified personal trainer is someone who is trained in creating and implementing safe and effective exercise and skills for their clients.

Advantages  : 


       Being “Certified” means that you have demonstrated competency and have met professional guidelines within the Tots N Teens Gymnastics program. Certification provides professional status. It provides the participants and their parent’s assurance that you have been evaluated within your specialty to provide safe, yet challenging programs.

Certification Levels  : 


       Gymnastics is such a mental sport, so when looking for athletes to build up a team, it is important to find gymnasts who are mentally tough, who are also team players. It is also beneficial for these coaches to actually be able to coach and work with these gymnasts.That is why camps are a great way for coaches to see an athlete's genuine self. They want to see you in action, so attending your desired fun camp is a necessity. Camp has incredible facilities and coaches, the main priority is fun. Camps such as fun sessions!

Monday - Friday

Class Duration : 3 hours

Morning 10:00 am to 01: 00 pm

Snack Break : 11:30pm to 12:00 pm


       Dance Is important because Learning, thought, creativity, and intelligence don’t just come from the brain alone, but from the entire body. Movement combinations increase memory, order, and sequencing skills. Dancing also increases self-esteem which is very important to learn.

Field Trip

       Tots n Teens offers field trips for kids of all ages and interests. From half-day preschool camps to gymnastics camps, fun will be the name of the game! For those who like to explore nature and science, we have you covered as well as creative arts camps for our future artists.